Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A little recognition does wonder for the soul!

I always check PaidTwice's blog. Literally- just about every day. She is the one that got me going on the financial side of life as well as into the idea of blogging.

I know I have neglected my little blog here for quite a while so I decided that in honor of my recognition on her blog (I let her in on the Walgreen's free 8x10 photo that is going on JUST TODAY) I would update mine.

I graduated from college on Saturday and S and I are now into that awkward phase of life where you are no longer a student and struggling to get your first hand-hold on life. For the time being we are going to stay here in this little college town that I so desperately despise, but the truth of the mater is that if we stay here then we have a free house, and free utilities (thank you in-laws!). The pressures of living in a family house on family land can be daunting, but they are less bothersome than the $500+ in expenses of living in town.

I have also taken an Assistant Manager poisiton at a local clothing store. I like the people and for the most part it is mindless work with lots of people interaction- the problem comes when you don't really control the people that walk in your store! Ah! Horor stories I could tell! It is not my dream job, or even something I think I can do for a year, but it is money- and health insurance!

Other than that life is going well. We are thinking about selling our truck and buying something fuel efficient- S wants a Toyota Yaris. We will see.

I plan on posting a lot more about my crazy transition time of life in the coming days. I have a lot to figure out and a lot I could use advice on (student loan repayment plan anyone?). This will be the first car I have ever bought and I am continuing to look for that dream job that gets me out of this state and farther away from my family (yes, they were ALL here this weekend! Ah).

Thanks PaidTwice for the props, and welcome anyone who came to read my little space of blogging heaven! I hope to have more entertainment in the coming days!

Seriously, any advice on the loan repayment stuff? I have to do my "exit counciling" this week! I don't want to grow up!