Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have today off from work, and as a mater of fact I have tomorrow off also. The last day I had off was Aug. 17th and 18th and I am more than ready for the time to relax and be productive.

My DM has been in my store twice this week and is coming back on Monday. It is actual great because the week before she wouldn't even return my phone calls! I never realized how much better work is when I feel I am getting the appropriate amount of support!

But I have some very defined goals for these days off and they include quiet a bit of work but I feel it will be worth it!

Work on the puzzle I have started (so relaxing!)
Work on my knitting project (I have my next one picked out and am so excited about it also!)
Grocery shop for the week
Bake bread
Bake muffins for breakfasts this week
Cook lots of lunch-overs to get us though the week
Attempt a few new crock pot recipes (a sweet potato recipe and refried beans?)
Wash our sheets
Hit the laundry mat to wash our blankets (in prep for WINTER!)
Watch a chick flick (S owes me!)
Clean and pick up our ENTIRE HOUSE
Have S's parents over for dinner (they are in town till Wednesday- I love them!)
Clean out my purse
Work out every day- run, bike, kayak, etc.
Apply for 3 out of state jobs!

I am planning on copying this list into my new notebook that I got from a community festival this week. I was WAY to pumped about it for any normal person.

On a side note- I am feeling a little better. It is amazing how small my stomach is after being sick- I get super full, fast! (leftovers from Texas Roadhouse for lunch it is!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too much time? Now I only wish!

It feels like I don't have too much of anything these days! I feel like I work non stop! It should clam down soon with a new hire, or then again I might just put in my 2 weeks soon.

S has his final test tomorrow for school and then he is done! They mentioned interviewing him for a teaching spot after his test, but he isn't thinking about that right now.

I am once again realizing how small this town is and how much I need that uncertancty that comes with moving. In some ways I feel our relationship needs that time when all you have is each other.

Right now I am spending a lot of time evaluating my priorities. Which ones have I outgrown and witch ones to hold on to.

I used to one to be a career woman who was at the top of her game with a wonderful, community serving husband who took care of the kids. Most of me still wants that but with the heart break of not finding a job right away my spirits are a little dashed and I have almost slipped into the fall back plan of being a stay at home mom.

Right now my fantasies are on mundane and fluffy things such as baking, knitting and yes, even completing this puzzle I started. I want a nice house, one to decorate or to work on. One that I can cook and clean to provide for my family.

I am no longer a college student and not being the career woman I thought I would be is causing some internal turmoil.

I have got to find a job or move (hopefully both!) before I go stir crazy!