Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too much time? Now I only wish!

It feels like I don't have too much of anything these days! I feel like I work non stop! It should clam down soon with a new hire, or then again I might just put in my 2 weeks soon.

S has his final test tomorrow for school and then he is done! They mentioned interviewing him for a teaching spot after his test, but he isn't thinking about that right now.

I am once again realizing how small this town is and how much I need that uncertancty that comes with moving. In some ways I feel our relationship needs that time when all you have is each other.

Right now I am spending a lot of time evaluating my priorities. Which ones have I outgrown and witch ones to hold on to.

I used to one to be a career woman who was at the top of her game with a wonderful, community serving husband who took care of the kids. Most of me still wants that but with the heart break of not finding a job right away my spirits are a little dashed and I have almost slipped into the fall back plan of being a stay at home mom.

Right now my fantasies are on mundane and fluffy things such as baking, knitting and yes, even completing this puzzle I started. I want a nice house, one to decorate or to work on. One that I can cook and clean to provide for my family.

I am no longer a college student and not being the career woman I thought I would be is causing some internal turmoil.

I have got to find a job or move (hopefully both!) before I go stir crazy!

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Daizy said...

Glad to see you back! Good luck with the job search.